Julius Sanchez holds a B.S in 2D/3D Animation and a MFA in Digital Media Design. He has been an artist all his life and it was the one thing that kept him out of trouble growing up in San Francisco. His father was murder when he was 4 years old. At the age of 12 he was disqualified from an art contest because the judges could not believe a child was able to sketch such realistic animals using only a yellow number two pencil, they claimed he received assistance from an adult. This caused him much distress and rebelled against all authority figures. He was eventually passed along from one home to another, moving from state to state and finally returning back to The City. At 18 years old he started Underground Ink. His company created Graphic Designs for prints on apparel. In due course he was able to purchase his own silk screen press and conveyor belt dryer in order to be a one stop shop for his clients. In the late 80s he created graphic designs and printed T-shirts for local indie rock bands and also big corporations like McGraw Hill, People Soft, and the very first Burning Man events. He built the business computers in his shop and designed and engineered the network protocol in order to utilize server and workstation relationship of data transfer. By the late 90’s IBM noticed his skills and hired him as a contractor and in time he became a full time employee.

He worked at IBM for several years as a network engineer, he easily transitioned to technology from creativity and took on a life long journey combining the two disciples. Ultimately, he left the technology field and dedicated himself to being a creative full-time. Julius understood the necessity of technology and took full advantage of its potential.

Today, Julius Sanchez is a freelance multimedia developer and has worked with T-Mobile, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, John Muir, Sport One, REI and other big corporations. Today he owns My aniMotion Studio a company that specializes in affordable 3D Motion Capture.